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  1. HI
    I would like to win this offer.
    Mostly so I could say "Yasss!!! I've finally won something in life!" XDDD
    but I mean, who wouldn't want to win free stuff? come on!
    However, it will be okay.
    Ahem. Thanks,

  2. i would love to win because my mum has just been diagnosed with a rare disease and is fighting for her life and i would love it because i have a rly old samsung s3 mini its crashing as i type literally no joke

  3. I wan't to WIN because my sister don't have a phone, so I want do give it to her like a present from my and if she asked( we're do you get the phone) I send its from you. And if I win al asked that she Ned's to subscribe you.??

  4. In history & journey of 19 years in my life. i never won any giveaway/contest yet. Maybe to.keep.me going this could be a chamce for me. nd tbh i cant afford them. (as m from India) as subs of ur channel maybe u should pay me back to my love . Thats why i want me to win . Thanks

  5. Hi, I want to win because my family can't afford getting me a phone, also my parents are getting a divorce and i have to move to California with my mom. I want the iPhone because i want to stay in touch with my friends, I really want to win

  6. hello. i need to win this for my dad. i want to give it to him as a birthday gift this jan 5. the reason i want to give him one is that his phone is still a small one and its broken so i would want to get thisfor him.
    email: beajulgo@yahoo.com

  7. I should win BC my phone is about to die. my screen is almost black and I have multiple cracks. it also sometimes just doesnt turn on when its fully charged. that's why I should win ?

  8. i want to get rid of my phone right now, it sucks so bad :/
    iphone 7 is so good because it has all these features and a nice camera, but i don't have that kind of money :/
    i would be grateful if u could help me

  9. Hi my dad always wanted a iphone he also needs a new phone I would love to surprise him on his birthday bc he's getting sic and I have never gotten to spend time with him I would love to see the joy on his face

  10. hello.first of all i am not going to use(should) cuz i don't give you an order to make me win.
    why i want to win: i dont really have the answer buy i think the most suitable answer is that my parent cant afford to buy me one
    and really want one if you please

  11. Firstly thank you so much for this great opportunity! You really are amazing for giving a new phone to some lucky person, and hopefully I'm that person. To be honest, if I win, I want to give this phone to my mom. My mom lost her job 3 years ago and it's been really hard for her to make a living for me and my baby sister on her own. I just want to give her something to show her that I am grateful for all her sacrifices and struggles. I know a phone can't fix problems but it will be a way to give her a happy moment. Her current phone is also broken so it would be a plus to have one. I don't have the money to buy it myself, so I would really want to win. Even if I don't, thank you for the opportunity! Happy holidays!

  12. I'm starting a business and I use my phone for managing it when I'm not in the office, I currently use a Samsung Galaxy S3, it is not that good, a new phone is what I think will really kickstart my business.

  13. I think I should win because I don't need a new phone but my moms phone has been acting up lately and we don't have the money to afford a new one for her and it would be amazing if I won. She does so much for me and my brother and I want to surprise her! Thank you so much for doing this giveaway! 😀
    If I win, can you contact me via instagram @danielc0rchuelo

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