iPhone 7 launch: Apple’s new iPhone has got everything but a headphone jack – TomoNews

SAN FRANCISCO — Apple’s new iPhone 7 has many new features including improved battery life, fancy screen, stereo speakers, more memory and a better CPU — but, controversially, no headphone jack.

Apple decided to eliminate the traditional headphone jack from the device to free up space for other components. To listen to audio, consumers will need to use the Lightning connector with Lightning earbuds, or an adapter for current headphone jacks.

The company is banking on the hope…

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  1. I just went to the Apple Store to test out the I phone 7 it's the same shit I don't understand how it appeals to these people who already have the 6 and 6s to go out and waste money on it

  2. If u think about it it's a good idea they got rid of the aux jack people shouldn't be listening while charging unless u want radiation to ears and on top have ur ears explode but I guess Samsung guys don't care

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