iPhone 7 Plus Caseology Envoy Case Review!

iPhone 7 Plus Caseology Envoy Case Review

The Caseology Envoy series offer another solid alternative to protecting your 7 Plus with the faux leather feeling carbon pattern on the back offering a very snug fit and a nice lay on the table design.

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  1. Hey Tee. You're killin these videos. I know you're a big fan of the Caseology cases for the Iphone 7. Out of all the ones you've reviewed would you say this one is your favorite? Thanks again!

  2. You do excellent reviews man. But currently I have the Spigen Neo Hybrid on my Iphone 7 which you did a review on as well. Im looking at getting this Caseology instead and Im curious if you think this Envoy series has better drop protection and feel than the Neo Hybrid??? Thanks

  3. Have you ever used the apple silicone case? I recently got the black/gold parallax case for my iphone 7+ but i was thinking about getting the apple one aswell just because of how clean it is, but it is a bit pricey. Would you say its worth the 35$?

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