iPhone 7 Plus VS Moto Z Play [CAMERA BATTLE]

In this video, I put my iPhone 7 Plus up against the great camera on my Moto Z Play!

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  1. Guys on my computer looks like iPhone 7 Plus is beating hard Moto Z Play concerning video quality. On moto I see some artefacts, colors are strange and it is not so smooth. I was watching this video in 1080 60 fps settings..

  2. seriously man people don't know how to give a honest review but thanks to u buddy for this video it really helps I can't afford 7 plus but I will gonna have moto z play btw at moto price a little more I can get one plus 3 but the sexy look of moto z play damn thnks

  3. J-Wil so you think the zoom on the Z play isn't so hot? To me it didn't look like it could get the distance that the iphone could. I have no interest in an iphone but i want a mid range android with a quality camera that can zoom for sports pics. Carrying my telephoto lens everywhere is getting a little old.

  4. I thought that the iPhone 7 was going to easily beat the Moto Z Play. Not so. The 7 did a better job on the zoom portion of the comparison but that's it. When you look at whole package of the Play vs the 7 including price to me the Play is the smart choice.

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