iPhone 7 Top Features W/ UrAvgConsumer

UrAvgConsumer and I discuss the NEW iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus features like the dual cameras, water resistant, stereo speakers, no 3.5mm headphone jack and more!

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  1. I've written punchy comments in favor of Apple on your channel in the past, because I've always been a happy iPhone user and I thought your comments were biased or Apple-hating.
    With the iPhone 7 things have changed. This phone is a joke. Offering an $1000 iPhone 6S with no headphone jack and calling it iPhone 7 isn't caring for your customers, it's limiting their options. That's why I was so disappointed with the Google PIxel as well. I don't like where the mobile market is heading and I predict that this is going to have an impact in Apple's and Google's bottom-lines in the future. I liked your video about the Blu phone and I believe that Moore's law is in favor of the "low-end" market that is becoming powerful enough to actually be at least mid-ranged at low-end prices.
    So, nope, I'm not getting this iPhone 7, or the Pixel, and I'm searching for low-cost alternatives.

  2. I had a note 4 and it was terrible because it died so quickly while I was in the middle of a call or anything I had to get an iPhone and I haven't had any problems with this phone. Never going back to Samsung.

  3. a really great iphone but not enough news… I need to replace my Moto X (2014) for my professionnal use and if the price was better for this iphone, I bought it…
    I use the s7 edge because of you @armando Ferreira 😉 amazing phone

  4. Unsubscribed. Firstly, how can a ''tech guru'', especially uravgconsumer say that the first iPhone was glossy black, is beyond me. Secondly, praising the lack of 3.5mm jack is just a sign of how uneducated the ''average consumer'' is. Well I guess that is showing a lot about him lol. But you, Armando, are even more shocking- you were the first person on youtube who was able to prove to many people that android is really a superior platform (iphone 6s user here),and now you somehow fallen to the hype too. Sad to see.

  5. I am very curious to both the camera and it's speakers! Other than that, it has nothing exciting to it imho.
    The Galaxy S7 Edge has over the updates gotten an much more neutral camera (the exynos model that is…dunno about the snapdragon model) and has gotten noticably better at handling dynamic range with HDR disabled, and it does it even better with HDR enabled (no more white hue with extreme dynamic range situations…everything is perfectly balanced, a lot like the Nexus 6P).

    Batterylife on the S7 edge has been a roller coaster. Now that Samsung released BPHJ (latest update) people are getting 6 – 8 hours of SOT on automatic brightness with ease (with some updates I barely was able to get 5h SOT…).

    I still can't think of why Apple is still using a very mediocre display on the iPhone. It's practically useless when outdoors. It's visibility is so bad compared to my S7 Edge. Low-light on the S7 edge is fantastic (surpasses the low-light capabilities of my human-eyes). Long-exposure photography is jaw-dropping (far surpasses what my human eyes can see). With the 6S Plus, it just is useless at night. It can't see a damn thing. But… the 7 Plus promises astonishing low-light capabilities and I truly wish that it utterly crushes the current king of smartphones, the Galaxy S7 Edge on the camera department.

  6. Even though I love Apple products I did switch to android so I could have customization options. I have the Galaxy Note 5 and while I like the phone, I was waiting to see what Apple did with the iPhone 7. It was going to be between the Note 7 or the iPhone7. With the issues with the new Note 7 and with Apple still not allowing you to customize (w/o jailbreaking), I have no idea know what I'll get now.

  7. Armando, I like you man and I love you channel. However, I had to thumb down this video (even though I have commented more on this than any other YouTube video). I don't see removing the 3.5 mm jack as a plus or a natural progression.

  8. Armando, don't mean to insult you or your guest intelligence but no one is going to Lightning as a standard. Apple has not won a "port" standards war yet. Firewire lost to USB and Lightning is losing to USB (Micro and Type C) also. Even if other manufacturers decide to ditch the 3.5 mm headphone jack and replace it with a digital port, it will be a USB-C port instead of a Lightning port. Only Apple devices will use Lightning (just like now) until Apple gives up on it, like they have done with their other attempts to circumvent standards, and goes with USB-C like everyone else. So at the worst what Apple has done is removed a universal port (3.5 mm headphone jack) from their phones and forced their users to use a proprietary port that no one else will use. In other words, Apple has screwed their users over. BTW, wireless headphone technology is still in its infancy. Wired sounds way better than wireless, wired headphones (using the 3.5 mm headphone jack) sounds way better than even the most expensive Bluetooth headphones. Apple should have never remove the darn headphone jack. Plain greedy!

  9. Still using a Moto X Pure, and finding it hard to be impressed by any of the new phones this year. They're all either not even as good, or just a tiny bit better in one or two areas. Still waiting for that next "wow" factor. It definitely didn't come with the i7, that's for sure. I'd rather have an Axon 7, even at the same price!

  10. I'm in complete agreement. My preorder is completed. I was gonna go with Jet Black but saw the note about scratches, so I went with Black. I'm really excited about the faster camera for low light. I'm already using Bluetooth so no big deal about loosing the jack.

  11. I'm rocking a Nexus 6p, Moto X Pure, iPhone 6s plus and a Note 7 along with an iPad Air 2. I'm an Apple and Android fan boy and I just love a great product. I'm not a name brand whore. In regards to the iPhone 7, in my opinion I think it's a huge disappointment. A device over $650 with a 1080p display, no fast or wireless charging, a design that's going on 3 generations, no headphone jack either. I'm sorry but this is the first time Apple has disappointed me with a release of an iPhone. Not worth the upgrade. Maybe if it was $500 then I could see it being a great product. Apple has lost its design and wow factor. just look at the iPhone 7, airpods and that apple battery case put out earlier this year. Apple is taking a major L and need to rethink what theyre doing with thier design and technology

  12. When people talk about Android "fragmentation", they don't understand how open source forks work. There's Android, and then there's "OEM Forks" of Android. For example, a Galaxy phone is not running original Android, it's Samsung's "Fork" of Android. Google's Nexus/Pixel line of products are "Android" devices and they are guaranteed to get support for 2 years. That's exactly the same guarantee as iOS. So technically, the "fragmentation" isn't any different. If you buy a device running an "OEM Fork" of Android, don't complain about "Android" when you don't receive updates. And while the Nexus 5 is running original Android, it IS well beyond that 2 year guarantee.

  13. Yes, I AM a fanboy. I'm a huge fan of Free/OpenSource software and hardware! I'm a huge fan of being free to do what i want with my devices, not what I'm told i can do with them. Having unlimited things i can repurpose a device for sounds so much more worth my money than a limit. So yeah, I'm a Android (Free/OpenSource) fanboy! And I'm not offended by your comments at all. Like i said, buy what you want, i can care less! ??

  14. well to let ya know im an android user and a windows phone user i had iphone 3g back in 2009 then 3gs worst phones ever battery drained quickly but at that time they were the best, in 2011 android has dmonited with galaxy s2 and ever since in 2016 iphone 7 is getting water proof now while i got that on my s5 with was in 2014.. as for the camera there isnt a phone in the world! that can beat microsoft lumia and nokia lumia, have you seen micorosft lumia 950 20.7 megapixels and the lens are made from CARL ZEISS i mean those are best lenes and optics i got my old lumia 1020 with 41.7 megapixels led and xneom, carl zeiss compared it with samsung galaxy s7 edge, sony xperia z5 and iphone 6s and lumia 950 and so much more phones the lumia 1020 has the strongest camera ever build there isnt a single iphone that can even match it, its poor 12 megapixels vs 41.7 megapixels and optics and lens made by carl zeiss and its pureview android and apple dont have a chance againts microsoft or nokia when it comes to camera.. when it comes to hardware and featuers apple or micorosoft cant beat android my s5 has got waterproof,finger scanner,heart scanner and stress scanner, 16 megapixels, irc to turn any tv on with peel smart remote o think my s5 still better then any iphone, if steve jons was alive he would be disapointed to se iphones and computers overpriced pice of shits

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