iPhone 7 Unboxing and First Impressions!!

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iPhone 7 Unboxing and First Impressions!!

This is a video of the iPhone 7 Unboxing and my First Impressions. The video reviews the general features of the iPhone 7 and the first impressions right out of the iPhone 7 box. The FULL review of the iPhone 7 will be made after a thorough testing of the iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 review | iPhone 7 review…

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  1. I love watching your videos! They are very clean, clear, and concise! I have been considering getting an iPhone 7, and can't wait to hear your in depth review. Maybe let us know how the battery life on the device is? :)

  2. This video was amazing…..

    I think that IPhone 7 is the best smartphone invented by apple. I have a 6S and I'm thinking to change for a 7Plus, but it hasn't arrived here yet.

    I'm in Brazil and unfortunately the price here isn't good. It be will around R$ 5.000,00 (US$ 1.500,00).

  3. Your reviews are always so good! I can't even remember what the home button felt like on the 6s, but I was totally thrown off by it at first too. BTW, the charging station we both bought has one major major flaw–iphone won't fit on the charger if it's in a case. As you mentioned, every time I take my phone out of the case, I feel like it's seconds away from death.

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