iPhone GIVEAWAY in Description + iPhone 6S ESR Defenders drop test


1) Like this video.
2) Subscribe to the channel.
3) Share this with other people.
4) You need to download and open a free app using this link , you will receive a giveaway code.


5) Send us an email at dailygvw@gmail.com with your participation code , and you will be officialy a participant of this Giveaway.

A code will be chosen from all your emails and the person who sended that code will be the lucky winner !

Enjoy !

The winner will be verified to have acomplished all the steps above properly.

The winner will be announced in the description of this video , so check regularely in the next 3-4 days to see if you have won.

WINNER : * to be announced *

Checkout iphone 6s drop test

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