MARCH 2017 (updated) Install Two whatsapp In Ios 10.2.1 Iphone , Ipad 100% working No Jailbreak

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  1. hi paji how are u
    have a question
    need to know like i have whats app group of 256 people its a fun group with jokes and stuff ,, but more of people want to join that group and i dont want to remove the people from that group who are leaving jokes and fun stuff ,its really hard to know whos whos active in the group or not …i need to know is there any way i can find out the sleepers in that group so i can remove them,,,plz help

  2. He shiwbit like easy bit when v do it. Whatsapp do download and activated. When download the original apple whatsapp. It will over lap the whatsapp 2 and redone load n install. Lastly. Original whatsapp will only appear. Whatsapp 2 will not appear at all. So is a bullshit or something is missing he need to show it. Overall os wasting time.

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