More of the same? Or better than ever? LifeProof Fre Review – Waterproof iPhone 7 Cases

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I’m going to review the LifeProof Fre for the iPhone 7. This is the 16th LifeProof case that i’ve reviewed in the last 4 years and this is probably one of the better cases that they’ve come out with. Surprisingly, the Fre is the best sounding case out of the…

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  1. I made the lifelroof is cool. But i remember it being $70 when it was brand new for the 5s. Why $90 for the 7. I have noticed most cases worth buying are above $10 now for the iphone 7. Also, why not a metal, or a rubber type thing. I had a life proof case and a cheap life proof copy and both did the same jack on my 5s. Also had an otterbox wate rproof case, the preserve which isn't on The website anymore. The otterbox was great that rubber on the edges, it would stand up well to abuse but the screen scratches. Currently have a $15 supcase on my iphone 7. Plastic back hard ruber/plastic bumper and a glass screen protector. Iv dropped my phone while running from 4 feet onto gravel, the side walk, the street itself. And the case isnt hurt. It landed face down too. Only complain would be the back plastic is some what difficulty to scratch. Not as much as glass but close enough. I feel like lifeproof cases should be worth at a max of $50, their materials and design is fairly simple. Iv gotten knock offs at $2 on amazon that work the same. Minus the replacements if it breaks.

  2. Time to laugh at these shit cases! The only way I will ever go back to life proof is it they release a life proof fre power for iPhone 7 plus but that's it! I mean come on $90 for plastic??? What's the point when the ghostek atomic 3.0 is made out of metal and made way better then life proof!

  3. Why a full on waterproof case for a phone that is pretty much water proof?? Theses cases that have the crappy plastic built in screen covers are not needed on a phone like this as is huge ugly water tight cases.

  4. You also forgot to mention that they charge $5 for shipping per "warranty Claim" and the fact that it takes almost 2 weeks to ship, but they do allow you to keep your old one so this makes up for the 2 week delivery

  5. Yeah it sucks that they discontinued the fre power case , That was probably my favorite lifeproof case ever, Ive always had issues with the the standard fre plastic face pealing off breaking the seal, but never with any of my fre power cases, this year i decided to go with a lunatic taktic (probably a clone) for my 7

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