New iPad Pro 9.7-inch hands-on

Apple debuted a new 9.7 inch iPad Pro. Here’s our first look.

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Here’s our review of the iPad Pro:

Survival tips to maximize the storage on a 16GB iPhone:


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  1. The iPad pencil makes no sense to me. If a person is a designer or photoshop type, then they should have a full desktop with a graphics card and a big monitor, why would anyone wanna hunch over an iPad trying to draw or edit something.

  2. apple is starting to run out of new ideas…They're recycling their products already..People still gonna buy their products though even they will make same device every year .. Apple is the luckiest company in the world because they have so many loyal buyers that will buy their products no matter what it is.

  3. $599.99 for a 32GB iPad Pro 9.7?! what a rip-off! only 32GB's and it has a camera bump?! what a rip-off!  what happen to the 64GB 9.7 iPad Air 2 with a 8mp no camera bump iPad for $499? I think the iPad Air 2 is still just as Pro or better then the new iPad Pro 9.7. Does the new 9.7 iPad Pro cost more for less storage space because it has "Pro" attached to it? lol!. I think "Air" still sounds better then "Pro".

  4. I just sold my space grey 64GB iPad Air 2 today for $400.00 to a friend so I can use the money to upgrade my PC to play Planet Coaster when the game comes out. Will I miss my iPad Air 2? no, because I have my trusty black 8-inch Samsung Galaxy tab 4 tablet that I use and used it more then my iPad Air 2 before I sold my iPad Air 2.

  5. "come on guys, get it together" really? is it just me or all these reviewers getting douchey!

    Here is the worst part, I am not not even an apple person

  6. Apple should of upgraded the base iPad Pro Models to 64gb.. I mean 32gb is s*** (actual usable space of 28gb). If you have a large iTunes HD Movie collection like I do, 5 HD movies would take up a huge chunk of that free space, leaving you with crap space..

  7. very disappointed that it looks completely the same as the ipad air and air 2…meaning that the bassels are just as thick…I personally find that very unappealing, the side bassels of my ipad mini are thinner, which makes the device a lot more appealing (even though it can be inconvenient)

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