NEW Jailbreak 7.1.1 iOS Semi Tethered iPhone 4,GeekSn0w Windows & Cydia

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GeekSn0w for iOS 7.1.1 and written Jailbreak Semi Untethered or Tethered instructions for Windows, in addition to 7.1.x downloads, can be found here:

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  1. hey icu i have an iphone 4 had to use geeksnow due to it being hactivated and need help its semi-tethered how do i option1: untether it or option2: delete jailbreak without restore to jb evasi0n

  2. have you speed up the video? cuz I am at the "Mounting root_fs as r/w" step and it is taking loads of time.. almost 1 hours.. still at this step.. is that normal? should I wait or cancel it?

  3. that part how you have to wait till your device reboots on its own….mine is taking really long as i am doing it now while typing this. is this normal? its about 5 min now.

  4. i ve done everything and i ve jailbroken my iphone but my question is.How can i factory unlock the phone i ve download ultrasn0w from Cydia but it doesnt  unlock my phone?

  5. first time i try this metode i got stuck at 9:55 when i put it in dfu i didnt get nowere. then i restart my computer upgrade the version of GeekSnow and try again and i got stuck at 7:15 and in Geeksnow says "waiting for device to be ready" . any idea what can i do? btw iphone wont swich on any more. tnx

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