Nexus 5X Fingerprint Scanner is the Best (Nexus 6P’s Too)

Forget the fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6, Google has the best in the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P.

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  1. REALly EVEN HTC ONE MAX HAD BACK FINGERPRINT SCANNER but u didnt said it unique double face .. if htc does good you all say they are worst but if any other company copies them , u say unique new feature

  2. Have the 5X for a week. Great camera, lightweight and a brilliant display. But what really annoys me is that grinding vibrator module and the tinny front speaker. My old 1st gen moto x speaker sounds way better! Other than that, everything runs buttery smooth. Average battery life, lasts just about a day with ~3hr SoT.

  3. Can you explain how to set fingerprint as password on individual apps? I have tried finding it in the settings but can't seem to find it anywhere. And I don't want to install a separate app if the stock android comes with the feature already.

  4. Seriously… Can you not see that the placement means that you can only touch it one way. With a home button on the front you tend to hold and touch the home in many different positions, hence why it requests different angles. And anything under a minute to set up is fast. You have to be really impatient to say 30 seconds is too long… ?

  5. Though it seems the fastest while setting up am sorry to say that's the only good thing about the finger print scanner of this phone. I definitely prefer the scanner on the home button below of Samsung and Apple, then of course Sony's implementation on the side is the ultimate. You had to hold the phone with one hand while using another finger i.e index finger which is to me completely uncomfortable. The position at the back is the worst implementation cause most times you'll have to turn the phone around to make sure you set your index finger in the right spot. How is that practicable? It may be your best version of the scanner but it is the worst to me, clearly very uncomfortable. I would always prefer to use my thumb to unlock any phone and i believe most people would too.

  6. kellen, and for anyoen who differs, this is good but let's say I'm eating fried chicken and I want to operate my phone(so its laying in its back) how do I go about doing that?

    also in the case of samsung they use their fingerprint home button to help with samsung pay so how would you remedy that?

    the nexus is definitely th best over, indubitably.

  7. Good God, 60FPS really does make a huge difference. I just watched a bunch of reviews, but when I saw this, I just had to check the quality of the video since it's so smooth! And yup, it's 60 FPS.

  8. You know what's great about the rear placement of the Nexus imprint? It's more ambidextrous. Sony has a decent idea with putting it on the power button, but it's inconvenient for lefties (like me). Samsung/Apple using the home button is okay, but they require big 'chins' on their phones which make the device larger without much being added features wise.

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