Nexus 6P vs iPhone 6S Plus Full Comparison!

Google Nexus 6P vs iPhone 6S Plus Comparison! Camera, Speed Test, Battery & Features Review. Which Is Better? Which Should You Buy?

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  1. Channel name: EverythingApplePro.

    Well I'm sure this won't be biased at all. It's funny how reviews from channels like Android Authority point out how awesome iPhones are, despite a few needed upgrades (less than HD screens, make it thicker for better battery life), but every Apple channel on YouTube goes above and beyond to paint android as a shitshow.

  2. iPhone 6S Plus vs Nexus 6P

    With the 6P you get a slightly better screen, a better camera for low light, better speakers, better battery life and a much more customisable software with more feature and option
    (and all this for a lower price, in the US 450$ for the 32GB model, and 500$ for the 64GB modell)

    With the iPhone 6S Plus you get a brighter screen (so its slightly better for outdoors viewing), slightly faster overall performance and much better graphics performance, 3D touch, a better video taking camera (about similar photo performance at good lighting), and a bit more fluid, simplier software experience, with less customisation option
    (all this for a higher price point, starting with 16GB ($750), wich is useless. The 64GB version (wich everyone have to choose) costs 850$)

    I would choose the Nexus 6P, even if they price would be similar, because of the infinite customisation options, what Android gives

  3. I would get the nexus if the display was as good as the Samsung ones. But it's not. Yeah they say it's the same but not close to as good looking.

  4. This dude is so biased. He thinks the iPhone beats every other phone in the market. "EverythingApplePro." Apple fans think that their iPhones are the best at EVERYTHING. At least Android users acknowledge where their device are lacking.

  5. you don't know what your talking about. your review is stupid and biased, why do people post stupid junk reviews like this.

    everyone knows the 6p overall is a better phone, even just being a PURE Android phone makes it better than iphone and ios.

    your so fucking retarded you even called it Galaxy Nexus 6p, it's hard to take idiots like this seriously.

  6. haha he points out things against the 6p that are better but then he's like well it's not as good as these other things out there which btw aren't on the iPhone, you're doing a comparison, you only look at the two phones

  7. How come you only talked about the video camera? Photos are no less important than videos. The 6P is great at them btw, turn on the HDR+ and enjoy! TBH this review seems lacking. I was surprised when he suddenly recommended buying the iPhone and the video ended.

  8. Just waiting for my service provider contract to end in June so I can go get the 6P. I've been held hostage by Apple in the past and it ended when I found the Nexus 5, two years ago.

  9. For me, I got the 6P mainly for the pure Android experience on good hardware. (Note it is not a Galaxy Nexus 6P, it's just a Nexus 6P [not Samsung]) I certainly cannot complain about the phone and it's definitely worth it, the only problem I noticed is that the camera is a bit shaky and it doesn't auto focus quick, but it totally makes up for that with low light quality better than my own night vision, separate from that, the flashlight is a pocket supernova and it totally blinding. Camera aside (and lack of SD card slot), best phone I've ever seen. Definitely happy with this purchase!

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