Official iPhone 7, 7 Plus , 7 Pro, SE – Final leaks and Rumors

What to expect in the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Pro launch? in September 2016? let’s find out!

No headphone jack ( very likely)
Dual-lens camera for iPhone 7 Plus
Thinner design, but similar to iPhone 6s
Redesigned antenna bands
Upgraded processor
Two screen sizes
Apple A10 Chip

Apple is expected to interdict their new iPhone this summer very possibly called the iPhone 7 and there are been a lot of rumour about the iPhone 7. In today’s video, we’ll talk about some iPhone rumors that are more likely to be possible.

So what to expect in the new iPhone?

No headphone jack ( very likely)
And That’s a pretty big thing! Seems like apple will be taking out the headphone jack to make the phone slimmer and to free up some more space. Possibly a bigger battery, better sound or something else… The headphone jack is one of the oldest port that we still use up to date. But apple decided to get rid of them. Just like they did with the 30 pin connector, cd drive from the MacBook pro So the…

Checkout iphone se launch

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