OnePlus X VS iPhone 6S+ – Speed & Camera Test!

is OnePlus X as fast as the latest iPhone?

Did you know the X is 1/4th the price of the iPhone on Amazon? US –

Checkout iphone 6s speed test

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  1. The OPX is doing quite well for itself, considering it's slightly outdated processor

    … and the ridiculosly, abnormally, insanely high price of the iPhone in comparison. 

  2. idk what phone to get out of these two.. i have a moto g 3rd generation atm and its really slow, glitches a lot and doesnt have that much space even though i got a SD card. so im not sure which phone to get.

  3. I have both and one plus is actually better for my needs except the camera. iPhone slomo and low light is muvh better. I love multiple user accounts on Android ad well as having 128G SD card.

  4. Okay, let's just take a moment here to realize something. The opx is older than the iPhone 6, and on top of that, it is extremely cheaper. Also, they are both different and better at different things making them hard to accurately compare. And t o top it all off the opx is slower by what 1.1 seconds.

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