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  1. Stupid fucking nigger. Enjoy your shitty iPhones like the rest of the iSheep. Stick to whatever other videos you do because all the other retarded iSheep are too busy smashing their heads with rocks in a cave to like your video – perhaps why you have ratings disabled?

  2. the note 7 is or was a nice phone until they started exploding. i still have my note 4 and it's still running strong. iphones however, are still behind the curve compared to its competitors. no fast charging, no 2k display, no usb type c,still uses lcd display tech, they got rid of the head phone jack which is a stupid reason, and no wireless charging. most folks don't even know why they get apple products, they just get them because it's the most popular thing available. right now apple is playing catch up since android phones already make up the majority of the market. i've been a fan of android since froyo and apple hasn't put out one product lately that has caught my attention. the only thing i liked from apple were their ipods, especially the classics. other than that their products are all over priced and underpowered status symbols.

  3. I personally like iPhones better, I truly think Android should really step up the game to try to make better quality and 'safer' phones other than these cheap galaxy phones they always seem to make.
    These are the reasons iPhone is the go!!
    1. Suoerior quality camera. Better color contrast rather than oversaturated unrealistic photos, sharper image quality, less grain in pictures, faster focus time, better low light performance, better slow-mo vids, better video camera!
    2. Better, faster and smoother overall performance.
    3. User friendly UI, easier to use, simpler, cleaner and more organized.
    4. Far less annoying ads everytime you open up an app or go to a website. Android devices are nothing but billboards full of advertisements after advertisements and commercials. More ads then what a TV actually plays back.
    5. Does not lag overtime like Android crap does overtime. As if Android ages then eventually dies.
    6. Feels nicer to hold in the hand. Full aluminium chassis, rounded edges and a seamless feel.
    7. More accessories/cases available for iPhone.
    8. Easy to set up iTunes account.
    9. Apple Pay.
    10. More apps for iOS.
    Samsung isn't cool. Is it worth getting a Samsung Gslaxy Note 7?? Unless you want to get yourself a beautifully refined 'state of the art' Samsung Galaxy S7/ Note 7 which comes with a free built in IED bomb so that when you use it, you can explode your hands off, light your car on fire and burn your house down!!!

    No really… get the iPhone. It's worth it.

  4. LMFAO copy cats LMFAO compete LMFAO omg dont the iphone have terrible battery life, didnt Apple finally copy the water resistance s7, isn't apple still using the same OS with a out of date 720p display, dont even get start on the cam. lol just be honest dude the s7 is better but you prefer Apple. didnt they have issues with the battery on the iPhone 5?

  5. after watching only 30 seconds I stopped the video! just had enough of your unintelligent, ignorant, bigotry review! you are so irritating!! compete with mighty iphone!? are you ok!? what mighty iphone you moron!? apple is giving you the same thing every year and the funny thing is idiots like you buy it no matter what!! maybe i should unsubscribe you but I won't do it.. I am just curious to see how far your stupidity can get.

  6. I love the CAR videos…p.s CAR!!! it's obvious you don't know enough about phones to be informing us about your nonsense bias bullshit knowledge about mobile devices. Please stick to cars…for your sake

  7. you goose. your envy is quite noticible & I'm betting your stoked about the battery fires that the company actually addressed. enjoy your shitty I phone.that has blown up in peoples hands which I'm unaware of ever happening. your a toss

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