Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 6s Plus

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We pit the current best of Apple and Samsung against each other, in this comprehensive look at the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Apple iPhone 6s Plus!

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  1. this girl is the best. she articulated every reason why the s7 edge beat out my phone, the 6 plus, and why i wouldn't bother to even try the 6s plus. Apple has been the industry standard from 07-14 ….now they are lacking big time. the iphone 7 looks like another disappointment….and im so not waiting for the iphone 8 to add on 2012 features. my next upgrade will most likely be the s8 edge.

  2. i have the note 3, i loved it so much, i kept it, then i moved to an iphone, hate the fact that i need a mac to do certain things, its been maybe 4 months with it now, i guess its time to switch to the s7, im more comfortable with an android, than the iphone. the only reason i switched, was for the experience and maybe a little bandwagon, im starting to regret it

  3. I moved from the iPhone 6s plus to the s7 edge and while it is nicer to hold being lighter and smaller and battery life is comparable which shocked me as the 6s plus gave me amazing battery life, one thing I don't find true from this video is app opening speeds. I find my s7 edge very slow at opening and loading apps, I'm in the UK so have the exynos version could this be the reason? it's a really lovely device but I bought it outright and feels a bit disappointing having such a new and expensive device taking longer to open apps. Admittedly having to wait and extra second or two is not life altering lol but I have noticed a difference

  4. After seeing this video i have changed from iphone to samsung, fid not regret it. Got the s7 edge amazing beautiful phone, its taking me time to get used to it but its 100% worth it

  5. What? S7 beats iPhone!
    iPhone still have 3D touch but samsung does not!!! And iPhones fingerprint reader is 1000 Times' faster than samsungs! You never took up this in the video!

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