Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 6S Plus Full Comparison

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Apple iPhone 6S Plus Comparison, Speed Test, Camera Test, Battery, Fingerprint, Features Review
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  1. It's the competition that keeps making these two brand phones better. Hopefully, there will always be a 50/50 split fan base to ensure these devices innovate at an expedient rate.

  2. Samsung is great phone i have both of them and i have other samsung s line and they are after 1 year very slow. I try reset and nothing help. But iphone after 1 year run fast.

  3. Only thing i gotta say is samsungs become extinct right after you buy including the updates. Iphone always has regular updates. But then again who cares about updates.Who am i kidding…s7 edge is true winner. Iphone is just a snobby brand that breaks your bank for junk.

  4. Good information, but the titletitle, said complete, comparison, sorry I did not see, that in this video, it look like you got to go all over the place, to get to complete comparison, once again, the comparisons, that you did made, in this video was good…

  5. You can say what ever you want to say or how ever the way you want to say it but there is absolutely nothing like a jail-broken IOS device. I still rock 4s and it still does wonders.

  6. brother I'm bored of my iPhone 6s plus and I liked the note 5 but didn't keep it and I'm in the market for a newer device with cool features, would you recommend the s7 edge over the note 5 or the 6s plus?

  7. im disappointed with Samsung this year. the Samsung s6 edge plus is probably better than this years s7 edge. I honestly think Samsung should have made an s7 edge plus model version. that would've been way more competitive for apple. speaking of apple, I wonder what theyre going to showcase this year? maybe iPhone 6c 7 7 plus 7s 7s plus idk?

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