Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 6S Plus Full Comparison!

Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 6S Plus Comparison! Speed Test, Camera, Battery & Features Review. Which Is Better? Which Should You Buy?

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  1. I have a friend who has the Samsung S7 Edge and her videos on SnapChat SUCK ASS. The quality is always terrible. The videos are never clear, and if she's simply recording a small band playing music, the sound is EXTREMELY scratchy, whereas on the iPhone it would be super clear and crisp. The focus on the Samsung isn't steady when recording video. I just get a headache when I watch her Snap videos LOL.

  2. I'm currently watching on my s7 edge and the battery life is really really bad don't know y it would of help if u answered I was thinking of switching back to a 6s plus

  3. I was planning on bringing my iPhone 6s+ to tmobile and getting the Galaxy S7 but this video made me change my mind. I'll just wait till the new iPhone comes out. When do they come out exactly?

  4. the fastest man on earth just ate a plate of food ,vs a regular guy with empty stomach ;who do you think might won the race ?????fastest man =samsung vs iphone no features

  5. LG had front facing flash since LG G3 & HTC had live photos since M7 & Microsoft since Windows 8.1 both released before iPhone 7. I'm pretty sure it's not just about Apple utilizing these things but it's 2016 now so these things will be expected plus it keeps similar features on board which will help familiarize the phone to customers that may jump ship from Apple and want these things.

  6. finally, a battery and camera better than the iphone… im really impress with the latest android update. i love both of my iphone 6s plus and my new galaxy s7 edge!

  7. Good video, but Samsung did not copy the live panorama thing from Apple. Live Photos are a FUCKING GIF, not made by Fucking Apple. Samsung can't copy Apple if Apple did not even invent what Samsung copied.

  8. i like both phones but the iPhone looks a bit old-fashioned. Time to upgrade the design. BTW you are absolutely right. You have to judge for yourself which phone is better. I prefer the S7 – modern design, no limitations, better display and cam. Good test…

  9. True both phones are great product and not every phone will be better than the other. When comes to down to which one to choose it's really all a matter of preference. Get one that you feel is more tailor to your need. Don't pick something that you're not gonna make full use of in terms of features.

  10. Very well done ! Your description on both devices very helpful for someone that might be comparing the two.
    Apple is all about helping the environment have you ever thought about adding some info of what they do into your videos.

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