Samsung Galaxy S7 Review 7 Months Later

Samsung Galaxy S7 Review 7 Months Later

Hi Folks, here is my Sasmung Galaxy S7 Review 7 Months Later. Is the Samsung Galaxy S7 still a competitor even with the release of the Pixel Phone and the Iphone 7?

Is it a phone you want to trade down from if your note 7 exploded???

Watch my review 7 months in to get a feel of the device from your average Joe.

With extras like:

IP68 Water Resistance
Camera to die for
Build quality
Software Features
Accessories by the millions

Make the call if…

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  1. Dude you need more subscribers! This was an awesome review! Keep making videos! Coming from an iPhone 6 I think the S7 is my going to be my next phone! Thanks man!

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