Samsung Galaxy sIV Scratch Test (Knives, Keys, Pennies)

Hi all. First of all this is my first Scrath Test attempt. I’m open to new ideas, advices. I had the phone for 2days. This clip was a last minute action because I had to give it to my colleague. Next time I’m going to test with sand. Haters gonna hate… Got the S4 with the S View Cover. Comments pointing out “why do you keep the phone in a flip cover” have no sense.

Checkout iphone 5e

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  1. I show many test of Gorilla Glass and most of it is just try to scratch with metal object with gently. But on the real condition, when you put your phone on your pocket with keys or coins on your jeans. There was a pressure when you sit or doing some activities. So please show some pressure on your screen, hold a knife on your hand, press it with your body then try to scratch it. Let me see what happen?

  2. Wen wollen die denn verarschen? ???? Man sieht eindeutig, das die Oberfläche "gestreichelt" wird. Ich habe trozdem eine Schutzfolie auf meinem s4……

  3. I LOVE THE VIDEO! I got no scratch on the screen of my gs4.
    did not use knives or keys to test it with.
    just used my gs4 for its purpose.
    No scratch, very smooth. TRY IT! 🙂

  4. Meus amigos isso eh uma mentira sou dono de um s4 nem precisou disso pra ele arranhar… garantia nao cobre porque sera isso porque ninguem de nos tem coragem de fazer isso com nosso tel pq ninguem faz o teste em nossa frente nao vai por esse video nao vao se dar mau…Desafio a samnsung fazer isso no meu s4

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