SAURIK ROAST: Jailbreak iOS 10-10.2 YALU Gains Momentum (1/8/17): Caution Rant Inside

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Jailbreak iOS 10-10.2 Yalu Gains Momentum (1/8/17): Caution Rant Inside
Saurik’s REDDIT comment:
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  1. I don't know about you guys but I am old school and these new school cats go along with the general consensus of gotta be cool , look at me , look what I can do .. Like fucking computer hackers and programmers are fucking cool in the limelight.. Its all bullshit.  Apple will win in the end public jailbreaks only play and pay apple .. ALL the work is done to help them know and strengthen there security its the whole idea behind the obvious unencrypted Kernel of ios 10xx Apple finds no better way to lay the claim nor find the exploits faster and cheaper.. Why not let the No1 Hacker in the world find our exploits and get a Jail break what we will do (Apple) We will push updates and keep pushing , cut off signing windows closing the ability to go back to a  unpatched firmware we will even go as far to have people haggle Mr Todesco  and even push him to see where he is going.. I don't think people realize and honestly most don't but if you know anything about programming and truly if there was anybody else in the world that could have taken this already published exploit they would have gotten on point with mr todesco or even gotten the Mach portal them selves figured the offset and made a jail break along side the truth is .. There are us few that have the time to do our own devices but not time to figure  offsets patch sandbox escape or even the kPP .rop like mr todesco.. honestly the man is a fucking genius and most programmers on here don't even know where to start when it comes to finding bugs and exploits in a system .. he has a special talent that in this world honestly if anyone else could do what he does so well they would the reason there is no other jailbreak on this mach portal is probably the obvious .. its because no one else could patch kpp to sand box in a way that he plans to do and no one except him has and its a very complex chain that he has used and I think that most don't know this or understand How rare of a programmer he is nore do they understand the complexity of what he is doing or the iDEAh behind this.. He burned a 60,000$ maybe way more who knows I know that he could have have gotten 60,000$ from apple for the ideah and his chain he used on mach portal exploit alone.. although he didn't publish mach portal I think its more in genius for what he did use of his own exploits .. All I have to say is there is no way In hell I would have done what he does.. I don't share my exploits with no one publically and its why I don't have any media or phone bills and never will as long as I keep it to myself.

  2. just found your channel a few weeks ago, loved the rant and I don't see why there isn't a team working on this instead of one guy. I'm on a iPhone 7 plus on 10.1.1 and now i'm hearing the 10.2 JB is going to happen but the 7 is no among the supported devices, smh still waiting for a stable 10.1.1 JB for the 7.

  3. Keep em coming brother everything u stated makes complete sense, it seems like a lot of moving parts in the background but hey who knows… Love Luca for whats hes done thus far and I definitely appreciate Saurik hes been the man since day 1.. Brighter days are ahead of us in the JB community!!

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