Should I Swap my iPhone 6S For a Samsung Galaxy S7?

Should I Swap my iPhone 6S For a Samsung Galaxy S7?

It depends on the user needs. Given below are comparison on various fronts. Its up to the user to decide which one suits best.

Processor and Graphics – S7 uses Snapdragon 820/Exynos processor and it should match the iPhone 6S in speed and graphics.

Improved Camera – S7 uses dual pixel technology used in DSLR Cameras and can take very good low light pictures. S7 can beat iPhone 6S comfortably in this aspect. S7 focus is almost instant.

Expandable Storage – Samsung offers SD card slots and you might buy a base model and then add SD card to store your photos and media. Apple doesn’t support SD cards and you might have to shell at least $100 extra for the additional storage.

Water Resistant – Samsung S7 is water resistant and can be used even if the phone is immersed in water for up to 30 minutes.

Virtual Reality – Samsung Gear VR bundled with S7 preorder can open up new avenues to explore virtual reality. The VR camera can help…

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