Small talk Is the iPhone SE a serious size option in 2016

Small talk Is the iPhone SE a serious size option in 2016
Earlier today, Apple announced its long-rumored small iPhone refresh, the iPhone SE. Practically speaking, it’s an iPhone 5S with the iPhone 6s’ key internals mixed in, as well as a few other small tweaks. The real appeal – depending on the person, of course – is that it has a relatively diminutive 4-inch display. In deciding to make such a product, Cupertino clearly believes there is a significant number of potential consumers who will indeed purchase such a proposition, even after the famous Fruit itself has decreed that bigger is better.
The problem of a lack of small smartphones can perhaps best be seen in considering a product like last year’s ZTE Axon Phone Mini: in 2015, a “Mini” phone has a 5.2-inch display. Chances are at for at least some members of the world’s population, that is not quite the definition of “mini” that readily comes to mind.
In a world where large screen phones are king, is…

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