Spigen Thin Fit Case for iPhone 7 Plus – Review – Best slim iPhone 7 case!

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The Spigen Thin Fit has become my favorite, and what I consider the best, slim iPhone 7 case available. This is all thanks to the soft matte exterior non-slip texture that just feels amazing to hold.

It adds much needed grip, especially useful for 7 Plus owners, and has a spot cutout on the inside for metallic plates to use on magnetic mounts.

Like any other slim case…

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  1. I just received my case today and it is definitely the bests slim case I've ever owned. Man, it truly does "feel good in the hand!" ? well spent! Mine is the black cover. It has a tacky ( non slippery like texture). Thanks for your recommendation, I'm in total agreement with your review.

  2. I am so glad you were featured on TechSource since this seems like a very deserving channel. Subbed!

    P.S. I will be buying this case, nice review :)

  3. I'd recommend the Otterbox Commuter over the symmetry. Symmetry has a tiny bit more bulk. The Commuter is a little easier to one hand and gives customization options having the separate hard plastic and rubber layers.

    So my favorite closest to thin case though is the Apple Silicon case.

  4. I bought this case when i first got my iphone 7 plus , it feels really great but first time my phone fell from like 2 feet it cracked so i wouldnt really recommend the case , also had a spigen screen protector which didnt crack but the phone did

  5. Beware…not all colors are soft and grippy. I got the silver one for my iPhone 7 plus and it's just hard slippery plastic. The black one I got for my 7 is grippy. So I think it's just the black on….

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