Steve Jobs PISSED OFF moments (1997-2010)

Steve Jobs is known for his tantrums and thunderous personalty… in private. In front of a large public he usually looks enjoyable and composed. But sometimes he lets the cat out … just a little.

00:00. “Camera” Macworld NY (2001)
00:18. “WiFi” WWDC ’10 (2010)
02:24. “SOB liar” All Things D8 (2010)
03:18. “Pissed off” All Things D8 (2010)
03:34. “Flash #1” Macworld SF (1997)
03:41. “Flash #2” WWDC ’98 (1998)
03:47. “Flash #3” Macworld NY (1998)
03:55. “Phones” Back to Mac (2010)

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  1. Gotta hand it to the rich pricks and their pissed off moments. They'll make their money and show it off for the world to see for status and power. It's true what's said: U-Hauls are not hitched to the back of hearses going to the bone yard.

  2. You mean when he wanted everyone to turn off their mifi and wifi, he didn't have the capability to have the demo on a mac computer? shockingly poor

  3. Throws piece of hardware he doesn't own, complains about something completely expectable and circumventable at the venue … What a fucking dick. Glad the cunt's dead.

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