Steve Jobs: “Who wants a stylus?” – Apple – Steve Jobs at Macworld 2007 in San Francisco

Steve Jobs presents the first iPhone at “Macword 2007” in San Francisco, but he doesn’t like the stylus…

Checkout iphone se launch

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  1. Mr. Blow Jobs cracking jokes on stylus, saying he and his poor hypnotized followers will use their fingers in their assholes and finally after 9 years APPLE has INVENTED (COPIED) a stylus called the APPLE PENCIL.
    Joking on SAMSUNG EDGE, I guess APPLE soon will INVENT the curved screen edge and call it maybe APPLE DICK CURVE. but TRUST ME, APPLE WILL NEVER COPY. because for them COPYING is known as invention. LMAO.

  2. wow steve, apple INVENTED multi touch? shut the fuck up Multi touch has existed for years prior to the IPhone

    Just because you bought the company that made it better (and also didn't invent it), And released it to the mainstream doesn't make you the Inventor.

  3. So many stupid people commenting on this. This isn't an input device intended for general users; it's intended for designers, illustrators and artists, to attempt to rival Wacom's products. Jobs' comments don't really apply because we're not talking about a general input device but something intended for a minority use case.

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