Tech Talks #20 – New Batteries, Self Driving Bus, Note 8, DDoS Attack Again, Micro-Satellites..

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Namaskaar Dosto, Tech Talks ke is Episode mein maine apase bahut si interesting Tech News hare ki hai, Micro-satellites, AI for Trial, Note 8 Upgrade, New layered batteries, DDoS attack, aur bahut kuch, mujhe umeed hai ki yeh episode aapko pasand aayega.

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  1. हेडफोन मे अछा साउड कोलेटी ( बेस ) कौन सा प्रसेसर मे हे ओर कौन सा मुबाइल मे है

  2. i have been watching lots of tech videos including from all over the including big names like, marques brownlee, linus sebastian and some other, per Guruji app itna sach boltay ho aur itna straight baat kartay ho i am really impressed. aur app ki koi bhe reveiw 1 sided yaa phir sponsored nahi lagteen, hats of to you great work keep going, and be Real as you are GURUJI….

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