The Epic iPhone 7 Rant

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  1. I love Apple's Cydia app.

    Oh, that isn't you Apple? Well, how disappointing because most of your missing features are created by random scripters.

  2. here's an experiment, wave your hand in the air as hard as you can, hear that slight fluttering sound? good! now slam that same hand down on a desk, hear that loud slamming sound thats much clearer than when you waved your hand in the air? good! thats because sound is vibrations and travels best through close atoms that it can easily jump between like SOLID MATTER, does apple honestly think all their consumers failed 4th grade science?

  3. This saddens me to see that Apple, a company relied upon by many musicians around the world, fucks them up as bad as they did, me included, and gets rid of an invention that really works, and has worked extremely well over the last century. I'm a musician myself, and I'm always looking if the device has a headphone jack. If it isn't there, then I'm not even interested in getting that device.

  4. i have the s7 edge, fuck that phone, the case scratches it, it's like a mm thin, the FUCKING BACK BREAKS, some how, and you can't touch the other half of the screen because the base of your thumb toutches the side…. it's so shit

  5. Hahaha i like that ditching part of this video,so brillian,so true, that guy who said that the headphone jack is outdated really was talking bullshit, but the fact also is that apple is getting more stupidier with their own mind snd will in every way.

  6. Apple, when you take away ports from your devices to make way for universal multi-function ports, the device will not last nearly as long because the amount of insertions will be significantly more. Of course, you probably want that to happen so that people will have to buy a new phone or laptop every year, don't you?

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