The Walking Dead: Season 02 – Endings: Kenny (SPOILERS)

Season 02 of The Walking Dead from Telltale Games has five different endings. Here’s what happens if Clementine goes with Kenny.

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  1. I couldn't let Clem stay in Wellington, she's been through a lot of crap, losing Lee then Christa, and Kenny also went through a lot of crap too, after he lost his wife and son and then recently losing his new partner. and the fiasco with Jane.

  2. Jane's plan was insane.
    Don't say Kenny hasn't got his part of problems (though I'm a Ken' supporter) but this plan… I don't get the point. Yes, it's to prove he would freak out… But why Kenny wouldn't freak out? Jane just dropped the baby and survived and he should be okay? Moreover she already talked about leaving it before.
    I'm sorry but she knew what the reaction of Kenny would be, so she intended to kill him; she's the first to use a weapon and before anything else she could absolutely have avoided this.
    Conclusion: it's cold murder, at least a try of it.

  3. Jane was pretty stupid. For one thing, she hid the baby and tried to convince Kenny that he was dead to prove a freaking point. Another thing, what if Alvin Jr started crying and walkers surrounded the car?! Are you kidding me?! 

  4. Kenny should've so banged Jane! Then they could've made a second Duck Jr except more dopier and more dumber than a bag of hammers! KennyXJane 400ever!

  5. this video didn't have a spoiler alert when it was first put up and you ruined it for my brother as he saw it in his subscriptions box as he was scrolling. he obviously didn't tell me what it was but now i've finished he confirmed it was this video that ruined it for him as it had the words 'kill kenny' in. glad it wasn't me that saw it or i literally would've been Kenny in this episode. sort it out ign

  6. if season 3 isn't based on clem then staying at wellington was the best choice. lee's death and Kenny's life for the most part is making sure clem is safe. both lee and Kenny found redemption in that.

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