The WAN Show – iPhone on Fire? Ass Creed Unity Crazy PC Requirements – October 24, 2014

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Table Of Contents (thanks RedFox134 for posting in the video comments):

0:00:45 Luke has not been fired
0:01:15 Intro topics (Far Cry 4, hover boards, DSL tech, Assassins Creed Unity specs)
0:02:37 Intro
0:03:00 Sponsors – Lynda & Phantom Glass
0:04:15 Luke’s German stories
0:06:45 Inbox by Gmail
0:11:23 Apple removes Bose from their stores
0:13:20 Celebrity endorsements
0:15:35 Kim Kardashian “story”
0:16:30 Twitter blitz about celebrity endorsements
0:20:25 IBM-GlobalFoundries deal
0:23:37 Japanese 3D printed gun case
0:26:00 Far Cry 4 Season Pass
0:32:24 Gigabyte Mini-ITX GTX 970
0:34:45 Hover boards Kickstarter
0:38:58 Gigabyte Mini-ITX GTX 970 picture
0:39:14 Apple A8X benchmarks
0:43:33 Rumour: 14nm Broadwell-E mass…

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  1. $699 for a 480GB PCI-E SSD. thats insane. However, it is a masterpiece. It would probably be best for some kind of Server. But in a gaming PC, its way out of my price range

  2. Though England has a 20% VAT which raises the prices of graphics cards by £100 – £200, its a massive price increase in comparison to Canada/USA

  3. I hate Ubisoft. I got Far Cry 4 for free when I bought a 970, but whenever I went to use the activation code today (after already downloading the game) it said the code was already used. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

  4. AC Unity is so badly  optimised , i can run Shadow of Mordor  max setting at 60 fps , no problem , AC U , lowest graphics , 10 fps , and there is not a big difference if i change the graphics from low to high  interms of performance .

  5. CAD/CAM was in the curriculum when I was at school in about 2003.

    (Also it's very common for good restaurants to have a Set Menu, so bad example. That's basically a value bundle)

  6. Because supply and demand doesn't apply to non-physical items like it does with physical items. It stops making sense to consider how many of a thing there are to sell, which is a huge factor in costing a physical item. See R9 290 prices when mining was at its peak. That just doesn't exist for games on Origin or Steam.

  7. THIS IS BS!!!!!!! i mean wtf are you doing Ubisoft? is this really how you treat pc gamers? this is a joke,i love Ubisoft games and im REALLY REALLY excited for Unity but the pecs are horrendous! makes no sense at all.
    but my question is will i be able to run this?

    My rig is: I5 3570@3.8ghz, 8gb RAM,Windows 7 64 BITS ultimate and a EVGA GTX 760 SC 2GB

  8. Hey just thinking, you all may want to try standing during the WAN show — it's about, nope it's OVER an hour and a half, shit it's quite literally a movie about technology!

    But here is why I want to tell you all this – it's healthier.

    Just make your laptops way way higher and I think that's about all you need to do (and stand up of course).  I'd really like to see this!

  9. So, should i get the game on PC ( ihave a GTX 660) or on my PS4? I dont get it. If the PS4 could handle the game, i am pretty sure my GTX 660 could handle it as well. This is what you would call a lazy optimized game. Top notch and first class UBISOFT.

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