TOP 10 iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak LockScreen Themes

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How To Install Lock+ On iOS 9.3.3 Tutorial:

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  1. Everyone having problems with the phone respringing out of nowhere?!

    I had that problem and I took the tweak "mini time" off and now my iPhone runs smooth and normal without and random resprings

  2. Why is my phone starting to set itself to safe mode so often now and sometimes over night when I go to bed it like resets it's self and the jailbreak is gone and I have to go press the circle thingy and when I do I turn off my phone my jailbreak isn't back it takes like 50 tries for my jailbreak to come back I'm kinda concerned for my phone so I don't know how to fix this please help should I just restore my phone?

  3. Checking out my channel is optional but it would really help me out as a small youtuber and your welcome!!!
    -Basic Number One

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