Top 10 iPhone 6S New Features!

Take a look at our list of the Top 10 New Features for the iPhone 6S & iPhone 6 Plus. Everything from 3D Touch to Live Photos to Front Facing Flash, this video covers All the Best New iPhone 6S Features!
iPhone 6S Plus Review:

Today we Show a List of the Top 10 New Features for the New iPhone 6S & iPhone 6S Plus. Learn about the Best New Features Including; 3D Touch, Live Photos, Front Facing Flash & More!

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The iPhone 6S Plus is the latest Mobile Phone created by Apple. This new iPhone comes equipped with a 5.5” High Resolution Screen, a brand new 12 MP Rear Camera, a 5 MP Front Facing Camera, 4K Video Capabilities, 3D Touch, Live Photos, Front Facing Flash & More! Watch the video for a complete review of the iPhone 6S Plus!

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  1. as a developer the new processor in my 6s isn't a blessing
    we need to build against all devices that run the version of iOS we compile it with
    i new see my new game running smooth on a 6s, but running slow on a 4s (the lowest device for iOS 9)
    but as a user i love the 3D touch the most, and also, the design, it looks great (i got the gold one, since i dont like black, and pink ?… well… nah, i hate pink to)

  2. Hey guys i got some bad news for u, if u bought the new rose gold color… Idk how to break this to u but… Its actually pink… Ik ik yall are prob freaking out right now but its not my fault

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