TOP 5 – iPhone 6 CONCEPTS

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Top 5 Apple iPhone 6 Concepts:

5. iPhone 6 FLUX Capacitor – by AdrienTesseyre

4. iPhone 5S: a “Taller Change – by Satire

3. iPhone Air Concept 2014 – by Sam Beckett

2. iPhone 6 – by Sonitdac

1. Introducing iPhone 6 – 3D concept video by Joseph Farahi

BONUS! iPhone 6 Concept Design Video – by Rishii Namdar

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  1. number 4 is so dumbass cos,not too offensive,but when a person makes a call,someone can snatch the 'leftover' piece of the phone and run of with it!SO SIMPLE!!!!!!

  2. I just don't get why so many people turn to iPhones because anyone who knows even the simplest specs about phones knows that Samsung gives you better devices for the money just like the iPhone six problem they bend like a MO fo because they use cheap metals and well everything but do you see android Samsung phones bending just saying they put quality in their productes

  3. It doesn't matter now. Must say was really suprised how quite a lot of the media concentrated on the  bendable 6 plus and not the bad ass stuff it has upped too. Any way got a Gretsch guitar for Christmas early. Gonna have to wait.

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