Top 5 iPhone 6S Cases Under $25

Checking out the best iPhone 6S and 6S Plus cases for under $25!
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OBLIQ Naked:
VERUS High Pro Shield (6S):
VERUS High Pro Shield (6S+):
VERUS Damda (6S):
VERUS Damda (6S+):
Poetic Affinity (6S):
Poetic Affinity (6S+):
Spigen Neo Hybrid (6S):
Spigen Neo Hybrid (6S+):
AceAbove Wallet Case (6S):
AceAbove Wallet Case (6S+):
CellBee Carrying Case (6S):
CellBee Carrying Case (6S+):…

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  1. i love how accurate and honest you are. I hated how slippery spigen is. All their cases r slippery.

    I used to have poetic atmosphere for my iphone 5 and really considering getting it for the 6.
    Thanks for the video. Super helpful

  2. Nice video! If you want, can you do a budget top 5 starter microphones? Anything that are for creating videos are good.There are a lot of very known mics, but are expensive.

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