Truth About Piracy Pt 2: Jailbreak Confessions [Pirates Stole My Performance]

Truth About Piracy Pt 2: Jailbreak Confessions — The Effects of using pirated tweaks and what you can do to improve your devices performance.
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23 comments Add yours
  1. Hey captain please i need help i dont know whats wrong or what it is but my rear camera on my ipad is broke it is a black screen and wont take a picture do you know what caused this? thanks.

  2. Seriously, nearly ALL the tweaks on cydia are under $3. If you can't afford to pay anything under that, then there's something wrong with you.

    Show you are a worthy jailbreak enthusiast and stop being a greedy free-loader.

    Not to mention that many pirated jailbreak tweaks have the unfold file/virus which steals your iTunes credentials and stores them in a server.

  3. Lol it doesn't matter cuz it's not worth purchasing these themes or tweaks when they barely do anything or occasionally don't do anything at all. Plus piracy is open to the public when you jailbreak so why freaking not? It doesn't matter if it gives us a bad name cuz most of the community can't function without a jailbreak (like me). They'll keep coming back for another iOS jailbreak

  4. See I use insanelyi repo cause I'm not trying to have a lot of tweaks I have to pay for. The majority of themes and tweaks that worked in iOS 5.1.x thru iOS 6.1.x don't work in iOS 7.1.x so why by them if you can get them free. Developers brought this on themselves. For example color keyboard, and safari download manager are just a few of the many tweaks that you can't get. So the way I see it is if you can get it free more power to it. Even veency won't work right. You can display the iPhone image but that's it. You can't control it from your Mac or PC! Hey Captain ain't it great Brandon's back!!!! Talk to you later!

  5. Yes more 1on1 dude!like your opinions and I agree. Though on the other hand, yes my phone lags from time to time due to my pirated tweaks but I don't mind really.. I buy tweaks I really want but pirate ones that I like but don't really care for such as themes, sliders, ect. But I do believe the developers work hard on their work and should get paid and the payment will be for them to make even better things.

  6. I don't think all tweets should be free, just think of some of them that the person has to work on for days or weeks, I can see why some of them charge. Once I bricked my iPhone 4S with pirated tweets I never added a source in cydia ever agin, my phones worked better all the way around. I agree though captin

  7. You are my new favorite jailbreaker. I appreciate your open and honest opinions about the jailbreak community and it's ups and downs. Your theme reviews are marvelous and I appreciate that you spend a lot of money and effort (and don't forget time 😂) to help us and show us what's new and what's going on. I have a bright future to work as a software developer one day and near christmas me and one of my friends will be working on a theme. Me and him know a lot about apple and we are determined to start from scratch. But thank you so much for being her on youtube. Ive been a long time subscriber and I don't plan on unsubscribing!!!

  8. Captain the reason I do the pirating is because some tweaks aren't compatible with my ios version and the pirating version is instalable or in other words available…what then…

  9. I never got into jailbreaking at all just because it seemed like a lot of unneeded work plus I would feel kind of scummy for pirating an app that's only 99 cents. I would rather just pay the money and know that I'm not gonna have any problems.

  10. Iv been watching your videos for about 3/4years and have spoken to you. Paul from iPhoneHacks. When it comes to you supporting developers you do 100% I know you buy all your tweaks. I understand why you use free repos to try I do to. Keep up the good work. (This man has helped me understand the world of jailbreaking and u should listen to him. He knows what he is talking about. )

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