UNEXPECTED IPHONE 7 PLUS UNBOXING REACTION!! Vlogmas Day 1: Can you believe it’s already DECEMBER?! WHAT!!! We’re so excited to kick off Vlogmas/Vlogcember again this year, thanks so much for joining us for our 2nd year of Vlogmas!! Thanks for watching!! xo



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  1. just watched this and in my opinion its not really pettie i mean if your gonna put out so much money for a phone you should be happy with it cause i mean its gonna be 2yrs till u can upgrade to a new one unless u have the extra 900 dollors to just go out and buy one and dont feel bad girl i love the color gold but i wont buy nothing and i dont think gold really looks good with my skin tone so i stick to silver def subing now

  2. The Gold one looks every day different …
    under Day Light it looks Rose Gold
    under LED Light it looks Yellow
    under Light Bulb it looks Light Brown
    under Halogen its nearly Champagne Gold

  3. I had the gold one myself and I didn't like it so I went to the silver then didn't like that one then went to the jet black then I said I'm going to order the matte black order it and it took me a month to get but I finally got mine and I'm happy with the black until the note 8 comes out next year so I feel your pain ????

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