WARNING: Don’t Fall For iPhone 7 Hoax

A viral video is tricking people into doing something very dumb to their iPhone. Cenk Uygur, Brett Erlich, and Kim Horcher, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“A video claiming that users can add a headphone socket to the iPhone 7, which only has a Lightning port, by drilling into the bottom of their phone has been watched almost 10m times.

The prank video shows a man drilling a 3.5mm hole into the…

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  1. TechRax is an idiot. And the fools that would actually think you can use a hand drill to drill into a high-tech device using micro and nano electronics, built in a dust free environment by micro-millimeter accurate robotics. Unbelievable. As I stated on TechRax site, it's creator, and those that so easily believe it are an example of an epidemic of morons now proliferating and plaguing our planet, due to unaffordable, and otherwise low standards of education. Ironically, in the "information" age. They are unable to discern, discriminate, and arrive at logical conclusions because they lack common sense, poor mentoring, and limited experience and knowledge. I was educated at the pinnacle of our education system during the 1960's, 1970's and 1980's at premier magnet JH and HS schools; prestigious Ivy-league U's; and fatly-funded military schools (that don't exist anymore) which aren't even available now. They have all dwindled away due to costs, and a lack of qualified individuals to teach these courses. All told (at 1980's prices), $225k for the 13 military high-tech schools; $125k for college; and priceless for the top 5 public school system JH and HS in the U.S. (eclipsing rival private schools!) during the mid-1970's. That makes me an excellent observer to see the sharp contrast between my peers with similar educational opportunities, life experience, and common sense, and these fools. They would easily walk off a cliff if told to do so. I think the correct term is lemming. We have millions of lemmings now.

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