What do Nintendo Switch and iOS 9.3 have in common? CVE-2016-4657 walk-through

Using the webkit bug CVE-2016-4657 to start hacking the Nintedno Switch. I have taken the first part from qwerty’s iOS 9.3 jailbreak and adapt it to the Nintendo Switch. We craft a Uint32Array to get a arbitrary read/write primitive.

Demo at 16:19

The basic PoC:
Phrack article: phrack.org/papers/attacking_javascript_engines.html


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  1. Very nice explination on how javascript can mess you up and why we should be wary and either update as often as possible or just… IDK disable JS (if you are lazy)

    I definitely learned something.

  2. amazing explanation. I had to watch this a second time to get a basic understanding, and I'll probably have to watch it a third one, but still a nice video I really like you.

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