What’s On My iPhone 6s

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What’s up glam babies ! you’re watching my what’s on my iPhone video. You have all been requesting This what’s on my iPhone for quite some time. If you’re curious I have an iPhone 6s rose gold 64gb. I did something a little different and included some frenzy game play and showed you my latest favorite game called best fiends. Since filming this video I’ve reached level 30 on best fiends! Crazy right ? Yea I’m addicted to my iPhone and it’s pretty bad. Did you see I have my very own iPhone app in the Apple Store ? Pretty neat huh! Make sure
You download my app on to your iPhone to keep up with all of my videos, Instagram and more. I’ve been loving a bunch of new apps on my new iPhone 6s rose gold, I purchased my iPhone about a couple of months ago and I’m addicted to downloading apps and finding new frenzy games. Of course I also am addicted to social media so having Instagram, snapchat and Facebook apps is a huge…

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