What’s on my iPhone 6S – April 2016

Another episode of What’s on my iPhone 6S for April 2016. Enjoy!

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Solo: http://apple.co/1S9h667
Reflector 2: http://bit.ly/JnwtMo (FREE DL CODE: YouTubePVJKZHUP3H8P)
Kick Hero: http://apple.co/1MVFhUn

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  1. theres a kinda good app called puffin, its an app that you can play games that you can only play on your computer, so if you download the app you can play any game on your tablet or ios

  2. Hi Karl,
    Love your channel very good always looking forward for new tech. Have you tried Hyperlapse from Instragram? If you haven't it's worth the download, plus they have a couple of pieces of software that is also good stuff

  3. Hey Karl… just curious.. how about a video on how you started out on youtube, your current daily driver, what you do etc… dont think I have come across such a video… otherwise keep rocking the great vids!! cheers!!

  4. Can u plz show us how u get your haircut ?!!!!!!!!!! Shows us a video when there cutting it or how u ask them to cut it or how it looks when u don't put gel on it

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