What’s On My iPhone 6S Plus! 2016 Edition

Here’s my first What’s on my iPhone video! If you liked it, make sure to hit that like button and let me know in the comments below, if you want one for Android as well!

Wallpaper is from an app called Material Design Wallpaper: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/material-design-wallpaper/id987225753?mt=8

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  1. I personally think Airmail is the best, most powerful email app on iOS. Spark is extremely neat as well.

    And why don't you have Weather in that Extras folder if you don't use it much?

  2. I don't understand why you think Spotify is better than Apple Music. Apple Music has all the songs you want, it has more exclusives, it has Taylor Swift, and it merges your downloads with your streams which is awesome. I'd like to know…

  3. Hey Matthew, just found your channel and subscribed. Please do an Android version as well. Or maybe a video on how to use different platforms (concerning apps, contacts and calendar, syncing data) since you use iOS, Android and Windows on a daily basis. Thanks a lot and many greetings from Germany!

  4. I know you are a using both apple and android device, but this video make me change my mind on buying a 6p today! this video is much better than cliche specs review videos.

    i subscribed!

  5. lol. I came here for new exciting apps for my iPhone. What I got instead? a f*cking MANUAL of 'HOW TO USE THE IOS', also known as 'I WILL SHOW YOU HOW AMAZING IOS IS' video… booooooooooring~ and Pointless. and obviously paid by Apple. NO SUBSTANCE HERE, man. That was one huge AD. and the title is MISLEADING. Because Everyone Has iOS On Their iPhones !!!!!! shit, this vid made me so angry… WASTE OF MY TIME

  6. Hey I've been deciding between many earbuds to replace my apple earpods. I wanted to know if I could get your opinion on any of the earbuds I'll list below, if you've tried them out. They all vary in price range, but I really want the bang for my buck. I was gonna go for the klipsch r6i until I save up for the Jaybird x2, but then I saw the jabra rox and jabra sport pace. I don't know which to choose. Thanks in advance!
    Klipsch R6i, RHA S500, EMTEC (ECAUDE200BT), RHA MA750i, Jaybird X2, Jabra ROX, Photive PH-BTE70, Jabra SPORT PACE, Ultra-Durable AudiOHM RNF, AUKEY Sport Bluetooth Headphone
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